We provide expert waste auditing, consulting, optimization and capacity building services to organizations who wish to improve their performance and substantially reduce their environmental footprint and improve social impact.

Based on resources, needs and objectives, we deliver tailor-made solutions to cut operational expenses, increase employees’ efficiency and loyalty, as well as improve the reputation of organizations that are operating more responsibly.

Handpicked specialists with extensive track records on international projects will accompany you throughout your sustainability journey, help achieve ambitious objectives and substantially improve your bottom-line.

800 Million People are Food Insecure

One kilogram of food waste diverted equals 2.5 meals.

Reducing your food waste helps save food for those in need.

Food recovery solutions recover perishable food that would otherwise go to waste and donate it to people in need.


Waste Auditing

"What you don't measure, 
you can't manage"

Solution Design

"What you don't measure, 
you can't manage"


Who better than the designer
to implement the solution?


We are with you
every step of the way
Contact us to find out how you can reduce your   Food Waste.

TerraLoop environmental consulting helps reduce food waste at source, through conducting waste audits and designing practical solutions that suite your operation.

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